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Attract New Clients Every Week

Hi, I'm Doriel. I specialise in teaching simple techniques that help you attract new opportunities every week - learn more about me here.
Many people need what you offer; the key is to become the go-to person for their needs. Instead of struggling to book consultations and sell your services, be the friendly listener who gives free advice and helpful tips.
Investing time in building your credibility and establishing your value always pays off.

Improving the Way Online Coaches

Engage and Secure Clients

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

Conversations Lead To Sales

Increasing visibility through great content, comments, and ads is important, but an effective engagement strategy is key to turning interest into paying customers.


Turn Attention into Opportunities

Bring your business fresh, qualified leads on a regular basis.

Generate Solid Leads


Reveal Valuable Insights

Gain honest feedback directly from your market and refine your strategy accordingly for a flexible approach that works.

Audience Understanding


Everything You Need 

Use a robust method for tracking and analysis, proven to improve your follow-up communication and conversions.

Easy to Follow


Understanding Your Numbers

Business is a numbers game and you need to be aware of your current stats, so you can judge future moves effectively. 



Happy Customers

Ula - YMCA Fitness Assessor

Since going online, I stopped working at my local gym. My husband built a garden studio for in-person clients. The booking features are great for avoiding double bookings.

Sandip - Boxing Instructor

I deliver bespoke workouts to busy professionals who can't go to the gym. The online program lets clients work out at home, with everything in one place, hassle-free.

David - Animal Flow Specialist

I've worked with Doriel twice: first to take my coaching online and then to refresh my brand for Animal Flow and Sports Massage. It's amazing to see my progress and future growth plans.

Never Miss

Implement a systematic approach to your marketing activities and business growth to ensure you never miss golden opportunities.


Get the best from your:

  • website

  • landing pages

  • social accounts

  • posting schedule

  • paid adverts

  • engagement strategy

  • conversion rates


Online Expansion Checklist

Download your list of checkpoints to make sure you have considered all bases when expanding your coaching business online. 

Creating An Online Program

Video tutorial showing how to create a valuable online program that can be used by multiple participants in a scheduled or self-paced function.

Creating Quick Content

Follow this training for solid ways to produce amazing content with the use of AI and continue to include the personal touch.

Learn how to systemise your growth - book a chat today!
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