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Fitness Assessment Exercises Help Secure High-Paying Clients

Assessment Exercises for Personal Trainers

Here you'll find a video of three assessment exercises I used regularly both with clients in person and online to gauge current levels of strength and mobility.


As a personal trainer looking to enhance your online presence and attract high-paying clients, integrating effective assessment exercises into your regimen can be an effective method.


These assessments not only offer valuable insights into your clients' current fitness status, which enhances the quality of your service but also positions you as a knowledgeable and professional trainer.


High-paying clients are often willing to invest in trainers who demonstrate a deep understanding of their unique requirements and can provide personalised solutions.


Benefits of Fitness Assessment Exercises:

Man lunging at home

1. Personalisation: Each client is unique, with different strengths, weaknesses, and fitness goals. By conducting thorough assessments, you gain a better understanding of your client's baseline fitness levels, movement patterns, and potential limitations. This allows you to craft personalised training programs that address their specific needs, accelerating progress and delivering superior results.


2. Injury Prevention: By understanding your clients' physical capabilities through assessments, you can pinpoint potential injury risks and areas requiring attention. Early identification of these issues enables you to implement corrective measures and adapt exercise routines to reduce the likelihood of future injuries, ensuring a safe and productive training experience.


3. Goal Setting and Progress Tracking: Assessment exercises serve as benchmarks for tracking progress over time. Regular reassessment of your clients' performance allows you to objectively measure their advancements, celebrate milestones, and fine-tune their training programs to keep them motivated and on target toward their objectives.


Key Assessment Exercises for Strength and Ability:

Functional Movement Screen (FMS): The Functional Movement Screen is a comprehensive assessment tool designed to evaluate fundamental movement patterns and detect asymmetries, weaknesses, and imbalances that may predispose individuals to injury. Consisting of seven fundamental movement patterns such as squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, and rotating, the FMS helps identify areas requiring corrective exercises and establishes a solid foundation for functional fitness.

You can watch a detailed demonstration of all seven exercises in the Functional Movement Screen here: Watch Now.

Want To Attract More Clients?

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