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Building The Fitness Business of Your Dreams in 3 Years

Building your own gym


Becoming A Triple Threat in Three Years


  1. Mastering the online world: Becky built a fully functioning fitness website with our collection of video tutorials, establishing herself as a go-to expert.

  2. Building her own gym: Becky transformed an old horse stable into a cutting-edge fitness facility, providing clients with in-person training.

  3. Collaborating with other businesses: Becky now partners with other brands for retreat days and special events, boosting her visibility, and credibility, and expanding her offerings.




Around three years ago, Becky, a former schoolteacher, began a new journey into the fitness industry with the creation of Stable Fitness. Determined to follow her passion and assist individuals in improving their health and fitness, Becky recognised the importance of consolidating her professional image by centralising all aspects of her business online, in one place.


Initial Challenges and Solutions

Building your own fitness website

Transitioning from a secure, well-paid teaching job to the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship brought significant challenges, especially considering Becky also had a family to support and consider. One of her primary hurdles was creating the website. Determined to blossom into the businesswoman she knew she could be, Becky got stuck into our collection of video tutorials to create a platform that reflected her vision and professionalism.


Savings through Self-Reliance

Becky's decision to handle tasks herself proved to be a cost-effective approach, saving her thousands of pounds in the early stages of her business. She firmly believed in the importance of self-reliance and so do I. It’s a bad idea to bypass this stage of business development. Outsourcing responsibilities too early could lead to financial losses, especially as your business evolves and you inevitably refine how you operate and sell over time. By taking ownership of her website in the beginning stages and other marketing tasks, Becky ensured that she was working in HER best interests, maintaining full control over her business trajectory.


Innovative Strategies and Developments

Developing a range of online fitness programs

Online Fitness Website and Pre-Recorded Programs

Despite starting with limited resources, she became creative with strategies and propelled Stable Fitness to success. Her website became her central hub, and she updated it with captivating images and client testimonials to enhance engagement. She also introduced an online shop to sell merchandise and online programs to reach a wider audience, which further increased her revenue streams. Becky's willingness to adapt and embrace new opportunities is one of the reasons that Stable Fitness became so relevant and remained competitive.


Current Position as the Go-To Expert

Not much time passed before Becky carved a niche and focused her expertise on women's fitness, which has earned her a reputation as a trusted authority amongst her target market. Her website serves as a beacon for ladies seeking fitness solutions, and her client base continues to grow steadily.


Collaborations and Increased Visibility 

Becky's business mind has been well and truly opened and so have the doors to lucrative collaborations with other businesses. These partnerships not only increase her visibility by aligning herself with other reputable businesses, but Becky can also offer her clients a wider range of services, further enhancing the value she provides.

Recent Newsletter and Offerings

Becky's recent newsletter is a wonderful example of her continued success and growth. Loaded with a plethora of offerings tailored to her clients' needs. This marketing feature, along with many others are all included in her website, allowing her to attract and manage more clients in one place. The latest newsletter has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm and her services, including her newly added retreat days are selling very well. Through her fully loaded website, Becky effectively communicates her passion for fitness and her dedication to helping her clients achieve their goals. By staying abreast of industry trends and listening to her client's feedback, Becky ensures that her offerings remain in high demand.


Assisting Personal Trainers

Joining FitLaunch is the best decision you can make for your business today. Our mission is to empower personal trainers, just like Becky, to reach remarkable levels of success. In the early stages, invest a portion of your time into the creation of your website. With FitLaunch, you'll gain the knowledge and resources needed to maximise your business's potential and generate greater profits. Don't wait any longer to move forward – join FitLaunch and step into the path of entrepreneurial success.





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