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Do Trainers Need a Professional Email for Their Online Presence?

Professional Emails

In the past month, I've had several personal trainers ask me whether investing in a professional email address and separate phone number is necessary when building their online presence. Surprisingly, many successful trainers still use their personal contact details without any negative impact on their business.

For instance, trainers pulling in six figures annually have found success despite using their personal email addresses and mobile phones for fitness enquiries. In fact, having a mobile number listed on their website adds a personal touch and reassures clients of direct communication.

However, there are situations where having a professional email and separate phone number is beneficial. If you're targeting corporate clients, presenting yourself with a complete package— including a professional website, email, and possibly a landline— is important for credibility.

However, if your focus is on individual consumers, investing in a professional email address may not be essential. It can be a nice touch though, and I can provide guidance on setting it up affordably. Email me at

Ultimately, the decision depends on your target market and business goals. While a professional email address and separate phone number can enhance your image, they're not always necessary for success in the personal training industry.


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