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Fitness Website & Brand Strategy

If you're a personal trainer with at least 12 months' experience working with clients on their fitness, with:

A strong desire to be your own boss and make your own decisions

An unquenchable thirst to make over £100k a year in the fitness industry

A coachable character willing to learn and try new things to win

Then you are the perfect candidate to grow an online fitness business.

Think the market is saturated?


Think again; the problem of unhealthy, overweight, underweight, lethargic, and mental stress is way more significant!

Your weight loss, muscle build, or general well-being services are needed, and online, at this very moment, there are people desperately waiting to discover both you and your fitness solution!

Challenges of online growth

How Do You Reach Your Fitness Target Market?

First, you need an identity! A brand! A way for people to distinguish you from the rest.

Then you need a strategy, a well-thought-out plan of how to educate people on why your services are their perfect solution.


Next, you need a digital set-up, such as a website, to bring this all together.


Please don't think you can get by without one! Social media platforms are great for attracting potential clients and keeping your brand alive, but the business of bookings, sign-ups, and payments happens on a transactional platform and there is nothing more professional than your own website.

A high-functioning website that pulls people away from the noise and brings them into your virtual office to conduct business is what you need if you want to be taken seriously. Plus, it will streamline your business operations and handle everything in one place, so a website is where it all starts.

Reaching your fitness target market

Here's The New Approach You've Been Waiting For

Originally there were 3 ways to launch and develop your online fitness business:



Hire a few professionals – a designer, a developer, a marketing specialist with copywriting skills, and possibly a graphic designer.

Downside: The cost is pretty high, and you will need to pay for any changes you need to make in the future, and there is no success without refinement, meaning you will pay for changes and improvements, 100%.


Ask a few mates to build and create something for you.

Downside: Well, I'm sure you can think of multiple reasons this may not be the best way to set out on your professional venture.


Go at it alone and figure out how to do all the above yourself because let's face it, there are plenty of platforms that have placed this ability in your hands.

Downside: This can take a mighty long time, and you will not know what pitfalls await you until you fall in and hopefully survive to tell the tale.



Now the fourth option is a brand new way of doing things. which allows you to:


1. Get the experience and knowledge of a professional team

2. Avoid waiting on friends or family to complete various projects

3. Shine a light on the entire learning curve, which will serve you for years to come

Introducing FitLaunch

One Size Does Not Fit All Businesses!

FitLaunch is not just a program; it's an entirely fresh approach to business growth and expansion.


Every successful business continually refines its strategy until it finds the perfect mix. 

FitLauch gives you full control to develop on your terms and your schedule.

With these lifelong skills in your arsenal, you'll never be left in the dark or at the mercy of digital professionals.

Instead, you can move forward with confidence, armed with the knowledge that many choose not to share.




Fitness Business Consultant

Hi, I'm Doriel and have been supporting personal trainers and fitness professionals for nearly 15 years now.

Doriel Alie Presenting

To Make An Impact There Are 3 Areas You MUST Master:

Deeper Connections

Arm yourself with tools for genuine connections and use personalised engagement, authentic storytelling, and audience profiling.

Improved Conversions

Learn how to sell and seamlessly onboard new clients to convert more prospects.

Member Retention

Retain your members, enhance client loyalty and celebrate progress by maintaining regular communication, and offering value-added services.

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