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Power Up Your Website with an Exercise Library


Website Enhancement Tutorial Included Below!

Building an exercise library for your fitness website

Here’s a fantastic tip for keeping your target audience on your website and interested in your content for longer. Offer valuable features that immediately grab attention and satisfy curiosity.


Follow our video tutorial and copy the code to build an exercise library into your Wix website and provide instant value for your visitors.


How does this addition can make a big difference and keep visitors hooked on your site?


  1. Offer Help Where It's Needed: Imagine organising exercises on your website based on where they help the body, like back, knee, ankle, or shoulder. This makes it easy for people with specific problems to find the right information.

  2. Instant Access to Different Exercises: Your business model may benefit by sorting exercises into groups like stretches, dynamic movements, strength training, or alignment balances. This helps clients understand why they're doing each exercise and how it helps them reach their goals.

  3. Your Explanations, Your Methods: By giving clear explanations of each exercise, whether it's flexibility, strength, or fixing posture, you can instruct people on technique and ways to progress or regress the exercise, which is always a good thing.

  4. Making Exercises Fit: Showing how exercises can be changed to suit different needs helps people feel confident by knowing there are easier versions while satisfying others who want to know there’s something more challenging for them. It's important to make sure everyone feels safe and well looked after.


Lead Generation

By requiring visitors to provide their email addresses to access your exercise library, you can initiate the process of lead generation. Once you have their contact information, you gain a powerful tool for nurturing leads. Through targeted email campaigns, you can provide even more valuable content, personalised coaching tips, and special offers, all tailored to their fitness interests and goals.


Website Tutorial

We usually show you how to make things step by step, but this time, we're showing you something that's already finished. We'll explain how it was done and provide the codes used. If you have any questions, just email me at

There are two codes, one is attached to the Search Button and the other is attached to the Image in the list of results.

You will need to import Wix Data so at the very top of the console log you will need to paste the following line:


import wixData from 'wix-data';


After this  you simply need to attach the two codes:

Code for the Search button

Code for the Image in the Repeater

I hope you found this useful, and I'd love to hear what categories or filters you use with your exercise library. No two businesses are the same, which means we serve the industry in different ways. If you are looking for more, in the way of digital tools and marketing strategies, book a Discovery Call to learn more about me and my services - we could be a great fit!


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