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Colour Psychology of Green, Let's Explore...

A wheel chart of the colour green
The colour psychology of Green

Choosing the right colour for your brand may seem easy; however, this can make or break your success.

The right colour scheme can help to set the mood + tone that suits your business and service.

Colour Psychology + Colour Theory

A great place to start. These factors help you understand how colours affect human emotion and can help you select what resonates with your visitors most.

A graphic design colour wheel used in the industry shows primary colours + their corresponding secondary colours to help you decide which colours work well together.

Take green, for example. Often associated with nature, there are other things we think of when we see green in a logo. Some of these are:

• Positivity

• Health

• Healing

• Growth

• Money

• Recycling/Eco friendly

• Safety

• Vegetarian/Vegan food

• Sustainability

• Nature

Colour Psychology of Green

Brands that use the colour green, like Starbucks, Landrover, Wholefoods, the body shop, Spotify + Holiday Inn, do so because of the emotions and feelings of understanding the colour psychology of green and what it does for the customer

It's a way of expressing the personality of the business, and it can make an impact even if they've never heard of you.

Contact Aestic today + let us help you make the best colour design decisions.


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