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2023 Fitness Trends To Follow

As we move in to the year 2023, it is time for fitness fanatics and gym lovers alike to look into new trends that are making waves in the fitness world.

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, so do the options available for getting fit and staying active.

From connected wearables that track movement and vital signs to new personalised approaches explicitly designed with an individual's needs in mind, there are a number of ways you can get your body into shape and stay on top of any health issues.

In this blog post, I will discuss some of the most important takeaways when it comes to trending fitness practices over the next few years.

So, if you're looking for some new fitness trends in 2023 – read on!

1. Meditation In The Metaverse

Believe it or not, meditation in the metaverse will be one of the most followed fitness trends of 2023 – that’s for sure.

What would this health metaverse (which some have labelled "Health 5.0") actually look like, though?

As an illustration, consider participating in a guided meditation. Immersive therapy could also consist of a virtual session with a therapist or life coach, followed by a specially designed scenario.

It doesn't look like we'll have to wait too long to find out what the future brings.

2. A Smart Home Gym

Although the number of people exercising in their own homes grew during the epidemic, the idea of a home gym itself is not novel.

The idea of a home gym has been around for a while, but the concept of a "smart" home gym is more recent.

Consequently, consumers' purchase of intelligent exercise equipment for use in the comfort of their homes will continue to rise in popularity in 2023.

The use of smart fitness equipment provides users with the option to participate in live or on-demand training sessions with a certified fitness professional.

They also aid in keeping track of fitness data, including heart rate zone intensity, sets and reps done, and calories burned and giving real-time feedback on one's performance effort.

3. Fitness Gamification

There are many fitness-gaming apps compatible with smartwatches, and that’s why you can expect fitness gamification to be one of the best fitness trends of 2023.

With a growing number of consumers interested in tracking their health data, several businesses are adding a gaming element to their wearable electronics in an effort to entice and retain customers.

Using a gamified approach, users are given daily fitness goals and challenges, rewarded when those challenges are completed, and given access to worldwide leaderboards.

More apps that work with cell phones to monitor and incentivize behaviour change in all areas of health and movement—including women's health—are predicted to proliferate this year.

New features of Apple's Series 8 Apple Watch, released in September, include an improved sleep tracker and analysis and a basal temperature monitor for women to monitor their fertility and determine when they are most likely to ovulate.

4. Wearable Technology

During the epidemic, people's access to onsite exercise centres and studios was unavailable, yet those services were still readily available at home. Many people have turned to wearable technology to ensure that even when working out at home or outside, they are still getting a good workout. Users sought a simple, reliable method to monitor their progress toward health and wellness objectives.

The solution to this problem was to create wearable devices. This allowed people to track their heart rates, calories burned, steps are taken, blood pressures, recuperation times, and exercise intensities to better understand how their workouts impacted their lives.

Wearable technology's popularity has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. Fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors, and even GPS trackers are all examples of wearable technologies.

Numerous wearable technologies now on the market make it possible for people to monitor their activity levels, sleep patterns, dietary intake, and other aspects of their health.

In the coming year, there will undoubtedly be an increase in the number of people who use technology to monitor their health and fitness.

5. Mobility Training

One of the major 2023 fitness trends is an increased focus on the importance of mobility training, in addition to the other types of workouts that already make up a well-balanced fitness regimen (such as strength training, cardio, and low-impact workouts).

Mobility training aims to increase the range of motion that a muscle or muscle group can safely move across within a joint.

Increasing your range of motion can do wonders for your functional movement, injury prevention, pain relief, and more. Because inactivity increases the risk of injury and muscle dysfunction, it is essential to engage in mobility exercises to maintain healthy joints and freedom of movement.

Even though flexibility and mobility are two entirely distinct things (mobility is the capacity to move a muscle or muscle group across a range of motion, while flexibility is the ability of your connective tissues to temporarily extend), stretching is also set to have a significant moment in 2023.

Indeed, next year will witness a rise in the practice of self-care that focuses on the importance of recovering from exercise (via stretching, low-impact activity, and yes, those high-tech massage guns).

An increase in interest in terms like "mobility stretches," "knee mobility exercises,” and “hip mobility exercises” can be noticed in the increased number of pins and searches for these terms on Pinterest.

6. Posture Workouts

Exercises to enhance posture are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals seek relief from the discomfort caused by poor posture (tech neck, dowager's hump, etc.).

Posture exercises are the antidote to WFH lifestyle because they target the muscles responsible for maintaining your erect position, including the erector spine, transverse abdominis, and pelvic floor, as well as the lumbopelvic hip complex, which consists of your lumbar spine, pelvis, and hips.

Avoid the gimmicky posture trainers offered on social media or late-night infomercials, and incorporate this bodyweight move into your regular routine if you want to improve your posture.

So, for those of you who are eager to find some of the best fitness trends to follow in 2023, a posture workout could be the best bet.

7. Face Yoga

Even though it's not something brand new, in 2023, you can expect to hear a lot more about it.

A growing number of A-listers are likely to come clean about using face yoga to tone their jaws after seeing the success of similar films posted on TikTok by influencers.

8. Boutique Fitness

There has been a recent uptick in the popularity of specialized fitness classes such as those offered by boutique studios.

Some larger gyms are still having trouble as a result of the pandemic, but smaller studios are picking up the slack. The boutique studio will thrive because of its smaller class sizes and more personal focus.

9. Standing Abs Workout

You can put away your yoga mat; standing abdominal exercises are all the rage at the moment.

It's little wonder that standing abs workouts are on the rise in popularity; the #standingabs hashtag on TikTok has received over 22.7 million views.

After all, you get a distinct set of advantages from doing sit-ups and crunches than you do from doing core exercises while standing.

It is a 2023 fitness trend that will offer many benefits, such as reducing pore-related injuries and correcting posture more effectively than supine (face-up) motions. To increase the difficulty, try using weights like kettlebells or dumbbells.

In addition, those with larger chests may find standing core workouts to be more manageable (and way more comfortable, too).

Get in shape for the year 2023 by trying this standing abdominal workout.

10. Tabata Training

Tabata training is becoming increasingly common as individuals have less time for everything, including their workouts, which makes it one of the best fitness trends in 2023.

The concept of high-intensity interval training is not new, but you might start hearing more about Tabata.

It consists of bursts of hard work interspersed with shorter recoveries. For 20–30 seconds, you'll tap into your innermost strength for a challenging workout. Then, you'll recharge for 10 seconds before starting all over again.

11. Primal Movement

Primal movement, another expected 2023 fitness trend, involves activities that people have been performing for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, such as crawling, lunging, reaching, pushing, and so on.

Disregard the elaborate workouts that have no correlation to actual motions (for example, have you ever seen someone perform a Turkish get-up anywhere other than a gym?).

Think of primal movement instead as a subset of functional training or getting your body ready to do the things you need to do every day.

Join the current trend, which is more of a return to fundamentals than a passing fad, by incorporating exercises like squats, deadlifts, bear crawls, and farmer carries into your routine.

12. HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval training, rather than steady-state sessions, is another 2022 fitness trend that follows the maximization of effort through shorter workouts.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of exercise in which you alternate between short, intense bursts of movement or exercise and longer, less intense rest periods. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been a trendy way to get in shape for a while, and that trend is only anticipated to increase in 2023.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help achieve this goal if it is included in a regular fitness routine. Although high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is not a novel concept, individuals who prioritized and embraced it during the pandemic still do so.

13. Virtual Coaches & Classes

People are continuing to invest in hybrid exercise equipment and smart home fitness equipment, which is the exact reason why virtual coaches and classes will be a hit fitness trend 2023.

Fitness apps that allow users to participate in virtual classes and/or virtual personal training from the convenience of their own homes are becoming increasingly popular, even among those who regularly visit an on-site gym. This combined strategy reduces the time and effort spent commuting to an off-site fitness centre to work out on their own or join a group exercise class taught by a qualified instructor.

Overall, it offers greater flexibility in how people get their workouts. Anyone interested in working out can use either a physical fitness centre on-site or a virtual one.

Hybrid on-demand solutions are becoming increasingly popular, and as a result, even small, independent fitness studios and gyms are developing their own apps to provide them to their customers.

This perk is usually included in the price of an existing membership or available as an optional add-on for a small fee.

Members of yoga studios and corporate fitness centres can now make use of on-demand services, too.

Because it satisfies exercisers' need for versatility while enabling facilities to attract more members, this trend is here to stay in 2023.

14. Mini Workouts

Many people found themselves confined to their homes for longer periods of time owing to the pandemic, making it all the more important to make getting out and about a daily priority. Since this was possible, more people were able to incorporate exercise into their busy schedules.

As a result of this essential change, "mini workouts" are amongst the booming fitness trends in 2023 right now. Mini-workouts are short bursts of activity that last 10 minutes or less and can be performed as often as wanted throughout the day.

Mini workouts typically include exercises for the cardiovascular system, the muscular system (for strength and endurance), and the skeletal system (for mobility) in a single regimen.

Furthermore, they are adaptable to a variety of modifications. Mini workouts have many positive effects.

Mini-workouts, in the first place, can allow those who have a lot on their plates regarding both job and personal obligations yet to manage to keep up their fitness levels.

Mini sessions are great for new exercisers to ease into a regular routine. When time is short or motivation is low, people can still get into a good workout with shorter sessions.

Exercising for shorter periods throughout the day is much less daunting than committing to an exercise program that will last an hour or more.

Biophilia, or a preference for being in or near natural environments, is revolutionizing the fitness industry by making indoor plant life an integral part of the training experience.

Envision a studio, gym, or other indoor training space decked up in tropical plants and natural materials like rope, bamboo, and wood.

Biophilic workouts are more focused on building strength and agility using equipment that doesn't harm the environment.

So, these workouts have to be on your list of top fitness trends that should be followed in 2023.

16. Outdoor Social Group Exercises

Exercising in the great outdoors as a part of a large group is another trend that will carry over until 2023. It's not a new trend, but more people are sticking with their outdoor fitness routines that they started before the outbreak. To a greater extent, this is true for group-oriented outdoor pursuits.

Activities such as 5K runs, city walks, day hikes arranged by the community or a club, weekly outdoor group runs, etc., are all examples of organized group activities.

The isolation caused by the pandemic has led many people to adopt this style of working out. People can go back to working out in a gym on-site, but many still want to continue doing so in an outdoor or group environment for social reasons.

While the pandemic is no longer having the same immediate effect on on-site gyms, some of the changes that were made in response to the crisis are here to stay.

The use of wearable technology, the rise of virtual coaches and classes through streaming apps, the rise of the smart home gym outfitted with cutting-edge machinery, the rise of the mini-workout, the rise of high-intensity interval training, and the continued popularity of group outdoor exercise are all examples of these tendencies.

Now that people have seen the value in this new method, it's here to stay. They desire to accomplish their goals while spending as little time as possible doing so.

Wrapping Up

The fitness industry is always changing and evolving, so it's important to stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with the latest trends. While some fitness trends come and go quickly, others have staying power and can make a real difference.

Fitness trends like mobility training, mini workouts, meditation in the metaverse, virtual coaches, face yoga, wearable technology, and many more will be super-hit in the year 2023.

Get in touch if you are considering restructuring or adding additional services to your Personal Training business. I can help with your fitness website and marketing activities.


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